undergroundhiphopblog on 12/11/2018

A.J. Munson – “Guilty” Ft. Ruste Juxx & M-Dot

In preparation of his new album, “Cigarettes & Coffee”, dropping January 7th, California producer A.J. Munson drops a new gritty single, “Guilty”, featuring Ruste Juxx and M-Dot.

Boom on 12/10/2018

Joseph Jordan – “Weirdo” (Album Review)

Hip-Hop has always been an outcast, a genre searching for its own identity and eventually manifested its own infectious sound. While the genre has discovered its elements, it’s artists still search for its own signature sound. Artists like Denver’s own Joseph Jordan whom have grown a cult-like fanba

Boom on 12/10/2018

JOSEPHNSPARROWB – “X” (Album Review)

Releasing two previous projects this year, Doom Hip-Hop’s JOSEPHNSPARROWB makes a surprising new entry for 2018 with a conceptual effort simply known as, X. Known for his custom sound compiled of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Doom Rap, and Metal. JOSEPHNSPAAROWB astonish with a new era sound set to bring a new sub

Armando Urena Jr on 12/09/2018

RIIV – “Beautiful”

Rising artist RIIV excites all of us with his new energetic single titled “Beautiful“, it details what it’s like when you realize you’re in love and how the person you’re falling for is the most beautiful soul in the world.

Armando Urena Jr on 12/09/2018

King Blitz – “Pain”

Rising Atlanta based underground Hip Hop artist/producer King Blitz releases his new single titled “Pain“, off his Layerz E.P. dropping January 24th, mark your calendar!

Armando Urena Jr on 12/09/2018

Q&A With Veteran Colorado Underground Hip Hop Group Bullhead*ded

Hey Bullhead*ded! We appreciate and love your true authenticity to the underground Hip Hop culture, especially holding it down Colorado! Please tell us how many years have you guys been making music? What part of Colorado are you guys from? Most importantly, where does the group name Bullhead*ded co

Armando Urena Jr on 12/09/2018

Biggest Hip Hop Cities In The United States

Biggest Hip Hop Cities In The United StatesSince its beginnings in the early 1970s, hip hop culture hasn’t only exploded, it has remained largely consistent in terms of its popularity. With its heavy counterculture themes, it may have taken on different incarnations since its inception, but somethin

Boom on 12/09/2018

Heavy Baby Ft. Recklo & G-Bo Lean – “Robe On (Remix)” (Video)

Popular Bay Area newcomers Recklo and G-Bo Lean keep the legacy of the late-Heavy Baby alive with a remix treatment to the slain Bay Area recording artist’s last hit, “Robe On”.Directed by Zach Hurth, Heavy Baby, who appears in the video, Recklo, and G-Bo hit the streets to show the love that the Ya