21 Savage Responds To Fat Shamers In Hilarious Video

Written on 01/14/2021
Madusa S.

The Atlanta rapper is firing back at body-shaming trolls.

21 Savage has been on a trolling-spree the past couple of weeks. Earlier in the month, the rapper joined in to roast YK Osiris for his custom Gucci fit before later taking on Young Bleu. Some of the "Bank Account" artist's social media followers decided to give him the same energy back, this time taking jabs at the rapper's body. 21 took to Instagram stories to disprove the body shamers, flexing his rather toned stomach.  

In a shirtless clip uploaded to his Instagram story, the "Mr. Right Now" rapper addresses body shamers who suggested the rapper may have put on weight and "looks fat," asking, "So I look fat?" 

He poses from side to side before adding, "Like I just be goddamn poking my stomach out when I be taking pictures," he says, showing his toned stomach. "But I don't think I'm fat!" he declares while slapping his stomach.

As the footage proves, the 28-year-old rapper is certainly not as hefty as fat shamers tried to make him seem. Fans in the comment left supportive messages for the rapper like "Boy is skinnier than me," while someone added, "No you just look out of shape ‼️"  

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Where a few folks got this idea that 21 was a little pudgy is quite hard to tell based on this rebuttal from the rapper but it is clearly not the case.